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Servant Leadership Program








This program introduces Lions members to the most effective method of leadership available. Used by Gandhi, Tutu and Dr. Martin Luther King, participants will learn the basic principles of a serving leader. Lions members who complete the certification process will receive a pin and certificate acknowledging their accomplishment. The Lions Servant Leadership Certification has four objectives:

  1. Promote and make aware Servant Leadership principles to all Lions.

  2. Boost usage of LLC and Lions University training websites.

  3. Encourage Lions members to attend district, state, and international conventions, workshops, and training seminars.

  4. The Servant Leadership program will become financially self-sustaining

Participants who want to acquire Lions Servant Leadership Certification need to meet the following criteria:

  1. Attend a Lions- sponsored event that features a Servant Leadership breakout session, speaker, or presenter.

  2. Complete the following  courses:

    • Silver Certificate* (LLC-Servant Leadership & Lions University-Ethics) and

    • Gold Certificate will require the completion of all 11 courses.  

The Servant Leadership pin is awarded at both levels.

Lions who complete both criteria (conference attendance & courses) and include a $10 check will receive a Certificate of Completion and a pin.




For questions on this program, please contact Lion David Strudthoff - phone: 608-457-2455 or email:

PLEASE NOTE: To enroll in both Lions University and Lions Learning Center classes you will need to know your Lions identification number located on your membership card. Your club’s Secretary can also provide you with your Lions identification number.

Mylion login: Learn/online training

Log in: Lions Membership Identification Number
Password: Will be sent to you by L.C.I. 

  • Working Together                          

  • Servant Leadership *                   

  • Mentoring

  • Goal Setting

  • Effective Listening

  • Decision Making

Lions University                       

Username:  Your e-mail address
Password:  Your Lions Identification Number

  • 221  Collaboration

  • 225  Ethics *                                     

  • 203  Leadership Styles                   

  • 205  Advanced Facilitating            

  • 233  Team Building


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